心 の 会 Kokoro no Kai 2020

August 28th to August 30th 2020

The Kokoro no Kai is an association of like minded individuals coming together to train and talk about Self-Defense and Self-Protection concepts and strategies in traditional martial arts. It is an event to learn how to apply your traditional training to modern self defense and self-protection.

I am proud to announce the starting line up of the instructors of the ‘Bujinkan’s Second ‘Kokoro no kai’ event which: will be held in New York City in August 28th to 30th of 2020! The event will cost $100 for a amazing weekend of very talented instructors from across the U.S and the World. We’re going to bring that hidden raw talent and different insight into Soke’s art.

Many of our instructors have used this art in real situations. The website will be updated with near by hotels and cost, restaurants and things to do and visit while in New York City! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!!

I plan on building new connections as well as reuniting with old friends. I look forward to seeing you all and having a few drinks after training!

Current list of Instructors (This will grow as I get confirmation):

  • Melvin William
  • Christopher Cowan
  • Anthony Lucas
  • Charles Onaje Lucas
  • Larry Hill
  • Ryudo Moses L. James III
  • Jorge Timo
  • Chris Chen
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