Dojo Reopening!

The Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo will reopen August 2nd 2021. The home dojo space is being cleaned and changed and we need time to finish building the equipment.

We are also saving up for sparring equipment.

We also want to make to for everyone to get use to the new COVID-19 Rules for training at the dojo.

Some new features in the dojo will feature online classes to will work a long side our physical classes.

We creating web links for students to pay their student fees and school dues through PayPal. we will be setting up subscriptions too.

We had issues with students make there payments on time and on a few students have never paid.

So, we will making it easier for students to pay and if them can’t attended physically they can attend through Zoom sessions.

Published by Charles Onaje Lucas

Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界 and Dojo-cho of the Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo. Shiatsu and Reiki Practitioner, otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.

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