SHIATSU (指圧) – REIKI(霊気)


Shiatsu (指圧) and Reiki (霊気), are both methods of supporting and helping the body’s natural healing systems through the clearing blockages (hard/Jitsu) or areas with no or very little ki (chi) flowing in them (soft/Kyo). it is believed that blockages or weak areas without or very little ki (chi) and are part of a system called meridians lines ,which are channels in the body that ki (chi) moves through if they are blocked or have no flowing energy this weakness points (tsubo) slows down the body’s ability to heal itself causing illness and disease.  When there is a blockage and flow of this energy our bodies become unbalanced we suffer disease and illness.  

Our bodies need this Ki (Chi) energy for maintaining itself and helping it heal injuries or illness. These meridians connect the 12 organs that connected to 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, and metal) with other physiological and emotional aspects of the body. Each organ and element has a Yin & Yang connection as well. 

Shiatsu & Reiki is usually performed on a futon mat, or Massage table, Chairs with the clients fully clothed. It is also performed on horses, cats, dogs.


Shiatsu (指圧) and Reiki (霊気) work together fill energy flow and removes blocks to prevent future illness. Shiatsu (指圧) and acupressure on specific points along the meridians also works to balance hormones which affects all of mind, body and spirit, especially your emotions. Reiki can easily be combined with shiatsu, acupressure, or massage, or used on its own. It is especially useful for emotional balancing, testing ki flow, learning ki flows stronger or weaker, Reiki can be use on areas of the body to sensitivity for finger pressure, and working on injured areas where massage or shiatsu would be contraindicated.

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