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Dojo Reopening!

The Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo will reopen August 2nd 2021. The home dojo space is being cleaned and changed and we need time to finish building the equipment. We are also saving up for sparring equipment. We also want to make to for everyone to get use to the new COVID-19 Rules for training atContinue reading “Dojo Reopening!”

The lesson to be learned when surviving a street fight.

After every event this week, we add Kumite (sparring) and Randori (Free responses) to the training; I will post the safety equipment need for training. We also go over stress and anger management in combat. I made a mistake this week, and I didn’t seriously hurt just black eye, but I made a critically tacticalContinue reading “The lesson to be learned when surviving a street fight.”

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