Training at Our Dojo

The goal of martial arts training is to become Tatsujin.  The teaching will consist of an in-depth understanding of the martial arts system with an emphasis on its applications towards self-defense, mindfulness, and use of the art for a variety of problem-solving skills. This program will offer students the capacity to advance in rank up to the level of black belt. It does not have a time requirement and often people continue to study Taijutsu for the rest of their lives.

Traditional Training Methods

The core traditional training methods is to use low postures/stance and big body movement, traditional Japanese training, and practices are for the purpose of body and strength conditioning, develop flexibility, you need to also understand how to generate power, and understand how to use your body movements, footwork and body dynamics to general power without muscle.



Kendo undo and hojo undo

Modern Training Methods

Kumite and Randori: The use of kumite (sparring) and Randori (free response), to pressure test techniques with speed and resistance. So, practice the techniques and learn how the work under pressure.

Jissen Goshinjutsu/Shinken Gata: Real Fighting and Modern forms or Techniques. Self-Protection and Self-defense Techniques. The student is put in series to practices techniques in as real an environment as possible.

Understanding the Lessons – Balance (In/Yo – Yin/Yang) in Training:

The focus of all training is balance. Balance training, Balance is Study, and Balance in Practice. To understand this part the is to also understand Kiai/Aiki  and to under the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙の剣) / Ken Engetsu no Kagami (“mirror of the fullmoon sword”)/ Tachi Hôken (“divine treasure sword”).

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