Japnese Healing Arts

Healing through touch and connection

Healing through Touch and connection is an idea of using Shiatsu and/or Reiki, to balance out the imbalance in Ki (chi, qi, prana) that can cause health issues to the body. By rebalancing the flow of Ki in the body we can help the body’s own natural healing process.

Healing Arts – Bodywork & Energy-Work

Our Dojo also offers Healing sessions work on imbalances Ki (Chi or Prana) that flows through the body’s meridian lines in the body through Traditional Shiatsu Bodywork, Reiki Energy-work, and Kampo Chinese Herbal medicine. The Dojo also holds once a month healing circle to introduce new people alternative healing and medicine, To learn more about our healing sessions or our healing Circles and Shares.
We do not focus not just on teaching our students self-defense but self-protection, which means we teach them how help and heal others. This truely how one becomes a great martial artist. They self-care self-massage and self-reiki, nutrition, and fitness.

Healing Sessions – Shiatsu & Reiki

Shiatsu and Reiki help with balancing the energy pathways (meridians, Chakra, etc) in the human body and help the body’s natural healing process heal itself.

Shiatsu & Reiki sessions are done through clothes, there is no removal of clothing during a session; a receiver (or client) wears loose fitting clothing for the purpose of stretching and movement of limbs during sessions.

Shiatsu & Reiki is usually performed on a futon mat, or Massage table, Chairs with the clients fully clothed. It is also performed on horses, cats, dogs.

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