Anthony Lucas, Shihan

Anthony has been involved in Budo since the mid-1980s. After stumbling upon the book, Ninja – The Invisible Assassins by Andrew Adams, he established a contact with Stephen Hayes.

In March of 2005, Anthony passed the Godan test in Japan, and in March of 2006, he was promoted to 6th Dan.

He presently is a 10th Dan. He regularly travels to Japan to further his knowledge.

Anthony is an advent explorer of metaphysics. In 1998 he was taught the Japanese healing art of Reiki & Seichem and eventually finished his Master/Teacher certification. He is a trained and licensed Hypnotist Consultant, and has used his intuitive skills in helping others to reach their innate goals. Anthony currently has consulting offices in New York City and Budapest, Hungary.

His goals are to maintain and build a reputable school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and encourage others to follow their dreams of becoming what they desire to be – via studying Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi’s Art of the ninja.Anthony extends his gratitude to Hatsumi Sensei and all of the Japanese Shihans for selflessly sharing their tradition, culture, and vision of Budo.

Anthony has been tirelessly working with other dojos to create and form what is considered today (present) a Bujinkan community.

The instructors and their affiliates are under the supervision of Anthony Lucas and the Bujinkan Koteki Dojos. Anthony’s Assistant Instructor in Budapest – Nidan (2 Dan) Richárd Kováts. Richárd (Richie), oversees the Ninjutsu & Animal Stealth Workout – Classes in Budapest. Róbert Mraznicza. & Csaba Henk. Both Shodan (1st Dan), handles all the logistics, planning and training at Koteki Dojo Hungary.

Beside his Bujinkan training, Anthony also runs the only Russian Martial Art Systema School currently in Hungary. Taught by Vladimir Vasiliev & Mikhail Ryabko, Toronto & Moscow HQ.

Anthony has been working and promoting tirelessly his latest project. Bodyweight Fitness, Strengthening, and Conditioning called – Animal Stealth workout.

Ethos™ Animal Stealth Workout is a revolutionary fitness program that, no matter what your age or current physical condition, can give you the strength, endurance, stamina, and mobility. Animal Stealth Workouts is a series of quadrupedal locomotive patterns based on natural animal movements.

Not only can these exercises get you in amazing shape in a very short period of time but they’re actually fun to learn and do.  Appropriate for any age and fitness level, these exercises require no special equipment and can be done anywhere at anytime.  

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, strength, agility, flexibility and mobility. The Animal Stealth Workout can help you get there in a matter of 15 minutes per day (max 3 months).

Charles and Anthony were students of Jean-Pierre Seibel in the early 1990’s. Charles started training and receiving rank from under Anthony Lucas, Shihan in 2010 and they continue there friendship to this day.

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