Sean Askew, Dai-Shihan

Sean Askew is a 15th Dan Bujinkan dojo and in Kosen Judo 3rd Dan lived in Japan for ten years (1991-2001), where he spent time training under Hatsumi Sensei and the Bujinkan Shihan.

He also graduated from Sophia University (上智大学) with a degree in Japanese Language & History, and a minor in Japanese Religions during his stay time living in Japan. Sean is MMA Fighter who competed in professionally in Japan while his was studying at university and training in the Bujinkan Dojo; his martial arts background includes:

  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
  • Kosen Judo
  • Japenese shootfighting.

Sean returned to live in Japan in 2005 for a few more years before again uprooting and moving to mainland China in 2008 for further investigation into the roots of the martial arts. He and his wife actively travelled the motherland in search of the ruins and remnants of the various origins of the Japanese Bujinkan martial arts.

In 2012, Sean and his wife Kei left the beautiful island of Hainan, China to live in the United States to work in the automotive production industry, where they both hold executive positions in Japanese corporations.

Sean teaches from his Bujinkan Kokusai Renkoumyo syllabus, a system approved by Hatsumi Soke and Noguchi Shihan in 2001 and has black belt students in various countries throughout the world. Sean currently resides in Novi Michigan where he is a Global Purchasing Buyer in the automotive production industry. He travels to Japan several times a year to continue his training and to provide guidance and support to his students who travel there.

Currently, Sean teaches the martial arts in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, to a small dedicated group of BKR practitioners. He, his family, and his dojo members travel to Japan several times a year to further their training and research.

Sean has finished and published his first book “Hidden Lineage: The Ninja of the Toda Clan” on the hidden lineage of the Bujinkan.

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