Our dojo is Completed – August 2015 to Now


Last year was a great year. We had a great opening and the our training has been a blessing every since the blessing. We would like to thank Rev. Koichi Barrish from the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America for performing the purfication ritual and rights on our home, kamidana, and dojo space.

 Our training has been very small, given attention to individual students and visitors to our space.  Our average class size is 1 to 4 people.

It has been really great we been able to focus on finer points of budo & ninpo taijutsu and/our work on items students have been working on improving.

The dojo is design with a 神仏習合 – Shinbutsu-shūgō periods of Japan. The dojo captures both elements Shinto and Buddhism.

 Our training is open only to those who has been a commitment to training in martial arts as a way or life, a path.  We do not take in individuals who as looking for rank or to make a name for themselves.

Our space is small and the dojo has official hours operation but; it is open to senior and personal students or personal friends may visit the dojo in its off hours and training 7 days a week as long as home and not to tried or sick.

 Space is limited, so we do not take in every student who makes and appointment, there is interview process and then trial training to gauge the students heart and spirit.

We will not be testing new students and students from other dojo who want rank for the first year.  The first of any new student regardless of rank (Bujinkan ranks and/or Toshin-do ranks) must go through the disciplining and commitment process of physical conditioning and ukemi training.

We will acknowledge everyone rank when come through the dojo, but you must go through vetting process first to gauge your heart and spirit.

Space limited and I would prefer to given my time and attention to people and individuals who really want to learn and train.  This also my personal time to train and practice, so I don’t want my time wasted either.

Training here is focus on become a better person and martial arts, egos should left at the dojo.  I am also welcome you into my personal home and exercise space.

The Students and training have great, I like to thank all those who have made it into the training and who have participated in other dojo events.

Since the dojo reopened (We use to use my living room on the second floor for training,  We moved the furniture around.

The dojo has attracted people looking to better themselves so come just meditation classes or our new certification workshops for shiatsu taught by my teacher Kumiko Kanayama from The Five Lights Center.

Here some of the friend faces at the dojo:

Thank you everyone for making 2015 a great year,  I will posting more later this week.

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