I was looking over George Ohashi page this stuck out and has me think…..please enjoy. This week I have  been doing a lot of reflection especially after the poetry reading and these last few days of training. Hatsumi, Sensei has said in the past I believe in “the Ninja Grandmaster’s Handbook” that he gives aContinue reading “Thinking….Reflection….”

My fellow Buyu Meredith new Blog

My fellow Buyu has a new blog. Merridith Allen is a writer, actress, martial artist, yogini and story consultant extraordinaire, residing in New York City. Merridith’s plays have been produced by The Manhattan Repertory Theatre, The Provincetown Theater, The Hudson Guild Theatre, and The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.Continue reading “My fellow Buyu Meredith new Blog”

‘The Origin of Jûjutsu’ by Dr. Kacem Zoughari

‘The Origin of Jûjutsu’ Jujutsu is a generic term used since the beginning of the Edo (1603-1867) period that incorrectly describes a set of open-hand techniques, lightly armed or using different weapons. Although this word is recent, it refers more to a way of moving the body than a specific combat technique. Jûjutsu is inherentContinue reading “‘The Origin of Jûjutsu’ by Dr. Kacem Zoughari”